"The first thing we do, let's kill all the Object Oriented Programming."

Shakespeare GlassesDon't blame me, blame Shakespeare. His idea not mine (Henry VI, part II, act IV, scene ii).

I was reading Leigh Ann Sudol's interesting blog posts on computer science and education. When I came across a reference to a new curriculum being developed at CMU. Specifically the move, to introduce a modernized, introductory CS curriculum. This curriculum would introduce functional programming and parallelism early, even in the freshman year. It eliminates OOP entirely from introductory classes because it is "anti-parallel," among other sins.

To me this seems an exemplary experiment. I have both spoken on, and attended numerous panels at SIGCSE, Supercomputing and elsewhere, where these very questions are debated. Usually, the rejoinder, "Well, what are you asking us to eliminate, if you want to include parallelism?" is thrown out as both a challenge and, in some cases, a question meant to end the debate. I am glad to see that at Carnegie Mellon and elsewhere, the spirit of innovation is alive and well. I will be watching the progress of their program with interest.
What do you think about their approach? What would you do?
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