Of Ultrabooks, Tablets, mobile & more: Recap of Computex 2011

(Image courtesy: ZDnet.com & Engadget.com)

It’s been fun to watch all the news unfold every morning from Computex 2011, waking up early morning and trying to catch up with all the new announcements and launches from that day. Its hard to keep up but is also very exciting. I wanted to summarize some of our highlights for our AppUp developers in case you missed some of it.

Overall, tablets, mobile devices continued to dominate, so no surprises there, what I like and am excited about is the innovation happening in all devices – main stream as well as companion devices. Companion computing is just getting started and exciting times are in store for developers as new models emerge.

Tablets/ Companion Devices:
On day 2, Acer announced the Iconia M500 running on MeeGo. It is a 10” screen, 1280x800 resolution and based on the Intel Atom processor. Read reviews on Engadget,AllaboutMeeGo,SlashGear, Gottabemobile,MeeGoNews,MeeGoExperts and UMPCportal.com



(Image courtesy: MeeGoexperts.com @Geekonomics)

I also pulled some of the comments from the Engadget post here:

MeeGo looks pretty awesome to be honest.
woooo...a snackable UI..now thats wot i call enticing news! go for MEEGO! :)

I like it. glad to see Maemo finally stepping out into the light. i so want Maemo to excel, so much potential and power from this OS. can't wait to see a phone running it.

MeeGo Netbooks:

The ecosystem around MeeGo netbooks is expanding and a wide range of netbooks based on MeeGo were announced at Computex. Some of the reviews I liked are linked below:


(Image courtesy: Engadget.com)

  • Asus Eee PC X101 Meego netbook. This model in particular got lots of attention in the media. Reviews on Engadget, Netbooknews, , and liliputing.com

  • Lenovo IdeaPad S100 netbook with MeeGo hands on: Review from PC world here and netbook news here

  • Acer Aspire One Happy 2. More here

  • Samsung N100 . More here

The Acer Aspire One and the Asus Eee PC will also come pre-loaded with the Intel AppUp center starting second half of the year. This is a great example of our multiple app store strategy. Intel AppUp center is not just one app store but really a framework of multiple affiliate app stores increasing the market opportunity for our developers.

Other news from Intel that you’ll find useful:

  • Intel ships 100 million Atoms, celebrates third birthday of netbook CPU. Coverage on Engadget.

  • Intel defines new category of mainstream thin and light mobile computers, called Ultrabook™. Covered by Mashable here

  • Intel is accelerating the Atom™ processor roadmap to a one-process-generation per year cadence to enable a wider range of optimized solutions for multiple market segments. 

  • Intel highlighted its next-generation, fanless netbook platform, codenamed “Cedar Trail,” a range of new Atom processor-based tablets available today, and a “Medfield” tablet reference design for sub-9mm designs, weighing less than 1.5 pounds and supporting a choice of operating systems.

In summary, my key take away has been that companion computing is taking many forms. No one companion computing device will work for everyone. There is a lot of innovation around user experiences that will need to happen both on the software and hardware front. Developers have the best opportunity to define and create these experiences across multiple devices. I am also excited by the opportunity that MeeGo brings in this scenario. MeeGo brings an open-source operating system that has consistent APIs that work across all devices. The apps and the experiences are yours to create and we are just getting started. Full steam ahead!


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