New Petascale Debugger with Allinea Software's David Lecomber - Parallel Programming Talk Show 118

It’s time for another episode of Parallel Programming Talk #118– Clay and I will be talking to  our guest David Lecomber from Allinea Software in a few minutes.

But first –

The News

    • The Virtual School of Computational Science and Engineering (VSCSE) will offer a hands-on courses for graduate students this summer:

        • Proven Algorithmic Techniques for Manycore Processors (Aug 15-19)

        • Delivered to numerous sites nationwide-including the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign-

        • High-definition video conferencing technologies

        • Work with a cohort of fellow computational scientists, have access to local teaching assistants, and interact virtually with course instructors.

        • Registration for each weeklong course is $100. For students attending at NCSA/Illinois, however, the $100 fee will be waived.

    • Siggraph 2011 (International Conference and Exhibitionon Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques) Sep 7 – 11, 2011 - Vancouver, BC, Canada (map) - 

    • Intel Developer Forum - September 13-15 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco Attend IDF San Francisco. Where Brilliant Minds Rub Elbows. 

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Now for our Guest

David Lecomber, from Allinea Software discussed his company's (Allinea Software) new Petascale Debugger, DDT.

Questions Clay and Kathy asked David:

    1. What is the story behind the Petascale debugger?

    1. What are the challenges of Petascale debugging?

    1. What makes it so different from regular parallel debugging at smaller scales, especially from the interface perspective?

    1. How did Allinea address the performance challenge?

    1. What does a Petascale debugger look like - what does it feel like to drive?

[Video plays at this point with David narrating.)

    1. What does that mean for the rest of the debugging world - those of us who only dream of such big machines?

    1. What is ahead for Allinea?

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 For our next show (#119), we will have NERSC Director Kathy Yelick on to talk about Petascale applications.

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More about our Guest

Dr David Lecomber is a founder of Allinea Software and leads the research, development and support teams behind its software products. He first became involved with parallel computing at Oxford University’s Computing Laboratory in 1993, working on the BSP model for bulk-synchronous parallel - an alternative to MPI.  He obtained a DPhil in Parallel Computing in 1998, on software engineering for distributed-memory machines, and continued to research parallel libraries and languages afterwards.  He subsequently joined Allinea to lead the development of tools for parallel and multithreaded software.

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