Intel AppUp Elements 2011: It’s a wrap

And what a show it’s been. As everyone at the show knows, our goal is to reach 6M users next year. What I didn’t know coming into this show was that Intel would support me in job training as a circus performer. So I got that going for me.  

Yesterday, in the opening keynote we spoke about evolution of AppUp, our vision to grow and solidify every component of the AppUp ecosystem –Intel AppUp developer program, Intel AppUp curation, Intel AppUp services as well as the Intel AppUp center and affiliate app stores. We also described in more detail the services and curation models and showed the core AppUp services we’re going to be targeting over the coming months.

Over 40 sessions, app labs and group talks later, here we are wrapping up day two of Intel AppUp Elements. Two days have flown by!



Open discussions, creativity and community:
We were more targeted with 250 attendees this year, based on the venue and our departure from the Intel Developer Forum as our parent conference. I think that that the energy, openness, and creativity of our community was awesome and actually even better than last year.

Some of our attendees had fun just getting to Elements too…This year, 10 enthusiastic developers participated in our 36 hour mobile hackathon between San Francisco, CA and Bellevue, WA. It brings new meaning to the term “commuting”.



And of course, we saved some good stuff for last.

Welcoming Telmap into the Intel Family:

As part of the keynote, we announced that we have signed an agreement to acquire Telmap, a leading company in navigation and location-based services, search and content. Telmap will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Intel. This move is a step towards expanding our mobile software services capabilities as Intel continues to grow in the area of software and services. We are all very excited to have such knowledgeable and respected experts join the company.  

From a consumer perspective, Telmap helps bring to life our vision for integrated, uniform experiences across consumer devices. Telmap has a tremendous amount of expertise around end-to-end mobile local search, mapping and navigation services. Telmap delivers great multi-platform consumer experiences every day, and we’re looking forward to combining that focus and excellence with Intel’s to significantly grow their business . But Telmap isn’t just a great consumer service provider – with Telmap we can directly provide developers with location-based services spanning devices, operating systems and CPU architectures. This is a significant step towards the Intel AppUp services vision we spoke about yesterday.

Telmap will allow us to provide AppUp developers with great, differentiated location capabilities in the form of a standard set of location-based APIs and software that developers can easily integrate into their AppUp apps.

These new cross-platform location capabilities will allow developers to not just retain their users but delight them via in-app and in-experience location features that they just can’t really do today.

New advanced capabilities with just a few lines of code: and who doesn’t like that?

Oh wait, there is more…

The new Intel AppUpSM developer challenge kicked off at the Intel AppUp Elements. Lots of prizes and lots of categories. May the best apps win! Check it out here.



And so that’s a wrap from us from Intel AppUp Elements 2011. We loved this show and really enjoyed the chance to connect with you again.

We’d want your feedback and would like to hear about what you thought worked and didn’t work. Follow us on twitter @develop4appup for the latest and greatest from AppUp, stay tuned for more information on our new services and AppUp releases via our developer portal, and please keep in touch.  

Let’s make wonderful!


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