- More bug fixes

After a few weeks of vacation and being sick, I started getting back into gear and working on getting the basics of working better and better. Today, I fixed a few bugs that caused the server message bus to stop working (a critical bug) and made a few improvements to the mesh search feature (picture below). The mesh search feature allows a user to search for a filename in all the computers of a mesh at once. Not only that, but the results comeback with working download links for all the results found. Until today, the download links did not work well, the search page would cause problems under some browsers, etc. Just not the quality I generally except, but it's been greatly improved today.

Another bug that I wanted fixed is the Java VNC viewer not working thru HTTP proxies. When you click on a device's "VNC" link at the bottom of the page, we load a Java VNC viewer and the viewer connects back to to start the session. Sadly, if you have an HTTP proxy in the middle, this connection will fail and the VNC session will not work. After getting a normal Java VNC application to go thru the firewall, I realized that because of security reasons, there is no way a Java Applet would be able to do that same... so I added a note saying the Java VNC viewer does not work thru proxies and left it at that... sadly... Not sure if I can ever fix it.

I also worked on an Java/Android library to interface with I will try to get it released soon.


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