PC Gaming Alliance unveiling its Cross Platform Gaming Spec next week!

Next week the PC Gaming Alliance will be unveiling a set of proposals for a cross platform gaming specification; and game feature sets in a Webinar. This will be a historic event for PC Gaming, the PC Gaming Alliance, and an industry first to articulate a type of ‘metric’ system for gaming that spans multiple platforms, screens, and upcoming trends.

During this webinar discussion we’ll be outlining a couple of key proposals that should not only help PC Gaming, but most other gaming ecosystems as well. A couple of the key trends we’re seeing in the research from the PC Gaming Alliance, and in discussions with Game Developers, is an increased desire to support and adopt various ‘Cloud gaming’ scenarios that are accessible across a wide spectrum of devices and displays. (aka. Compute Continuum, 3 screens, etc). This ‘Cloud Gaming’ movement is critical to comprehend in tandem with another key trend as games increasingly move towards a games-as-a-service (aka GAS) model. Due to the global popularity, massive install base, and extensibility of Personal Computers as gaming devices, the PCGA’s set of proposals will be largely targeted at addressing the PC Ecosystem.

I’m very excited and looking forward to this webinar, as it ties into my previous roots working for Microsoft Game Studios in the early 2000’s determining Minimum System Requirements for the PC Games we were shipping during that era. It also culminates a near eleven year journey’s worth of conversations with Game Developers, and collected research for more than a decade.

If you’d like to join us for this Webinar, or know of someone that would like to join, details for the Webinar can be found here.

Press Release: opengamingalliance.org

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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