- New Audit Log

There are many aspects to security, it's not just about authenticationa and encryption. You sometime need to perform audits and go back in the past to see what happenned. Many good web services and tools offer this feature, it's sometimes called a log file or an audit log. With, I wanted for a while now to offer this feature to users and so today, I added it and just updated

The log records what is going on at a very high level, things from connection initiation to power actions and more. It does not record any of the details. Each event is basicaly recorded at a single integer with a few arguments. For example: bob started a remote terminal session on machine x.

There are two ways in to view this log. In the "Account" tab, click "Audit Log" and you can see what operations your account performed in the past. You can also go to a specific device, in the "General" tab and click the "Log" link at the bottom left. This will display all operations from any user that has been performed on this device, not just operations you performed. It's not typical, but this is useful if many users have been granted access to the mesh. For people that only have a few machines with themself as only administrator, you will only see operations performed by yourself.

By the way, if you want to grant access to a mesh to more people, you need to use the Meshcentral Connector tools available in the downloads section.

Ok, this is it for today.


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