The Last Show - Parallel Programming Talk #130 - Parallel Manifold with Jim Dempsey

It was sad when "Friends" ended, and who can forget the endings of "MASH" and "Jerry Seinfeld"? So it goes with ISN's "Parallel Programming Talk" show.  Our last show was a fitting end to 130 radio and Web TV programs about all things Parallel. It wasn’t a “montage” or “retrospective” show but simply a great interview with one of our good friends and favorite guests, ISN Black Belt Developer Jim Dempsey. We discussed a new concept of Jim’s – Parallel Manifold – which you will be hearing more about on Jim’s blog and in his technical articles. Thanks to Jim for making time for us.

Before I sign off here (on PPT – I am, still here in a new role and my blog will continue) I want to thank my cohost Clay Breshears for his support in this ride. His expertise, encouragement and exceptional sense of humor contributed heavily to the success of the show. Thanks to our outstanding guests for sharing the info that has drawn our audience. Special thanks to our crew: Jerry Makare, Technical Director, Intel Software Videos, Producer Josh Bancroft and Videographer Chris Davis,  for early morning shoots, patience through the technical challenges and for their continuing support (new phrase - for the love of Skype).

Extra thanks to Aaron Tersteeg, whose brainchild "Parallel Programming Talk" was and is. He is one of the most forward thinking people I know anywhere, whose wisdom and energy fuels a great deal of the goodness here at the Intel Software Network.  

Enjoy the video:

Direct Video Link:
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