- Improved MacOSX support

One of the problems I have been facing over the last few months was around the Mac OSX mesh agent. It just did not work right and so, over the last two weeks, I really made a big effort to improve it. Today, I released version 1.54 of the agent that seems to work much better. First, the remote desktop feature is back into the mesh agent. It's been out of over two months. So you get the same, entirely web based remote desktop that is already available on Linux and Windows. The mesh agent is also improved with all the latest features and bug fixes.

One of them problems the MacOSX agent still has it that it can't seem to resolve the DNS name of correctly. So in this version and for MacOSX only, the IP address is hard coded into the mesh agent.  I will need to work to figure out that is causing this problem.

Anyway, Mac users, please try the latest agent and let me know what you think!


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