Intel Level Up Game Demo Contest - What gets our judges out of bed in the morning?

Picture yourself in ten years. You’ve been making games for a decade. You’ve been to the wars, returned with some successes, some failures (trophies and scars). But you wake up and…what is it that motivates you out of bed?

The Level Up Game Demo judges all have to get out of bed in the morning, but each has a different motivation for doing so. So we put them to the question for you and come back with their thoughts.


Blair Herter, G4TV

“While there’s not any one specific thing that gets me out of bed in the morning, I can say that in almost a decade of covering the video game industry I’ve never woken up and thought ‘Man, I have to go to WORK today’. That is a very good thing.”


John Romero, Loot Drop, Inc.

“Working with a great team that's inspired to do their best every day, and have fun in the process.”



Chris Taylor, Gas Powered Games

“For me it’s a chance to do something new, something the world has never seen before.”

Jeff Vogel, Spiderweb Software

“The persistent need to buy more food for my children. Alas, after 17 years, a lot of the thrill of creation is done. Now it's just a job, albeit one that is excellent and rewarding in many ways.”



Wolfgang Engel, Confetti Special Effects, Inc.

“That I can render a scene so well that it creates excitement and a smile on the face of the people who play the game :-)”



Andy Schatz, Pocketwatch Games

“When I was 7, I used to make games in the living room with my friends. We made games about the things we were passionate about.

When I was 25 I commuted to work, sat in a cubicle, and made games that were supposed to make money. They didn't.

Now that I'm 33 I'm making games in the living room again. They are games that I'm passionate about. They are games that can support my family. The thing I love about the game industry is that passion can drive productivity. I can make the games I want to make, and someone out there will share an interest in them.”

What about you?

What gets you motivated? Leave a comment and let us know!

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