- Now with RDP support

I am keeping up the bug fixing and development on, the remote computer monitoring and management web site. Today, I am very glad to announce that I just added RDP support to the site. You can now start a Windows Terminal Session from Meshcentral with just a few clicks, as long as the client computer is also Widnows. To make this happen, click on a device and hit the "VNC/RDP" link at the bottom. Then, select the RDP viewer and hit ok. You will then have a link to launch the RDP viewer and connect. Note that this works by using the RDP client built-into your own computer along with mesh routing code. The good news is, this works behind HTTPS proxies & firewalls, in fact both the client and target computers can be behind firewalls and it all works. If you are using Chrome or Firefox, you will need the "Microsoft .NET Assistant Add-in" to make this work.

Now for the technical details: I just discovered Microsoft's ClickOnce... it's a way to package up .NET binaries so that it can be started from a browser. When clicking on the RDP link, the browser downloads and runs a .NET TCP traffic routing tool, the Meshcentral also creates an encrypted routing cookie that is passed to the router. After the routing code is run, it in turn launches the RDP client and gets it going. RDP connects back to the router that forwards the connection to the Meshcentral and then to the target. I tried it with a few computers and it's quite fast, RDP is very efficient.

Enjoy! Feedback appreciated.

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