My wife bought an Ultrabook – and LOVES it!

Right now we have 4 PC laptops in our house; 5 if you count the iPad 2 being a ‘personal computing’ device. There’s my work HP Pavilion dv6, my personal Alienware M11x, her former Dell XPS M1530, which just got replaced by the Asus Zen book UX 31. In my sixteen years of being in the tech industry, and thirteen being with my wife, I’ve never seen her get so excited, and delighted, about technology and or a PC. The only other time that gets this close would have been when I bought her an iPhone. Sure…. We love our iPad 2, but tend to use it more for what’s termed ‘snacking’, or simply just casually surfing the internet, looking something up, perusing the occasional YouTube video, etc. So this got me thinking that if something like an Ultrabook can have that sort of an impact on my wife, and reach a broader demographic than myself, then it warrants taking a closer look at.

So what things does she like most about it? The below is in her words.

1) She loves the design, how sleek it is, and the brushed metal appearance.
2) Loves the small form factor – fits in most of her handbags.
3) Loves the Keyboard. Likes the spacing between the keys & the way they feel.
4) Setup was seamless, found all her ‘piles of different devices’. “Right out of the box everything worked”.
5) Liked the fact she didn’t have to download a bunch of updates. Was up and running quickly.
6) The Solid State drive. (I asked her how she knew about that) – ‘because she read up on it’.
7) Boots up super-fast.
8) Likes the attention to detail.
9) Out of box experience was great. Wasn’t like unpacking something from just a bunch of cardboard.
10) Likes the Case it came with, it’s like an envelope case.
11) Loves the battery life.

Ok… so I realize this is a sample of one; but I’m struck at how quickly she rattled off all the above features without even thinking about it. So… about ten minutes later I asked her – ‘So what do you like about the iPad 2’? (Note: It took her about three times the length of time to list the following things)

1) Touch screen.
2) Size of the Form Factor.
3) Convenience that it offers in being able to multi-task.
4) Can play games on it.
5) Good for reading stuff.
6) Quickly checking email.

That’s where it ended… and then about three minutes later she says … ‘well, now with my Ultrabook, the iPad has now pretty much been relegated to being a kitchen gadget’.
So then I flipped the bit and asked her – ‘Is there anything you don’t like about your Ultrabook?’ – Answer: “not yet”. IMO that's pretty cool.

Ok - so now onto some gratuitous pics of most of these devices. (Note: I didn’t include my Alienware M11x this time around). In the foreground – bottom to top: iPad 2, Asus Ultrabook, HP dv6, and then the Dell M1530
4 PC devices

In this next pic.. I’m comparing the thickness of the Dell to the Asus Ultrabook.
Ultrabook on top of Dell 1530
In this following pic I’m comparing the thickness of the Ultrabook (on the bottom) as compared to the iPad 2

iPad 2 on top of UB

In this final pic I’m comparing the iPad 2 (I had to put the case back on it in order to prop it up), the Ultrabook, and then the HP dv6
iPad 2 - UB - HP

For those concerned about the dimension of weight. The Dell XPS for example weighs 5.9lbs (2.6 kg), the Ultrabook comes in at 2.9lbs (1.3 kg). This weight factor alone is one of the biggest selling points for me. The best part is that I’m seeing little to no tradeoffs yet with regards to overall performance. These devices are packing a pretty serious punch.

So – in a nutshell I’m having some serious PC Laptop envy right now. I might wait a few more months though. For those that have been following the Ultrabook category – we should also start seeing the Ultrabooks that also integrate ‘touch’ – and convert into being either a Laptop and or a Tablet when you want it. At any rate, I’m very sold on the concept, and yes, I’m keeping a very close eye on ensuring that all the games we PC Gamers love to play – play well on these! Stay tuned!

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