In-App Purchases for Consumables & Urban Airship Hosted Content, Plus Enhanced HTML5 Support & More

The Intel AppUp® developer portal is no longer available for submitting apps. For additional information, please read the following article:

With Spring comes renewed opportunity, and so with AppUp there's more ways for you to monetize your apps as well as more features and support for HTML5 based apps, and improvements for submission and reporting.  Here's a high level view of what has just released.

New In-App Purchase Capabilities

Intel AppUp In-App Purchase: Content SDK Powered by Urban Airship*:

This is an extension of the existing In-App Purchase capability, allowing for content purchases like books, video, music, etc. to be made from within an app.  This addition allows you to list content items as non-consumable items in an In-App Purchase worksheet (.CSV file).   In the worksheet, you will list the purchase information about the “content" such as a product ID name, description, price, as well as a country monetary type like US Dollar or Euro.

As well we have an additional SDK with Urban Airship libraries, providing the first and only Windows solution for Urban Airship. These libraries create the inventory and also download the content for purchase in your app.  Once you have uploaded content on the Urban Airship portal, you can generate the .CSV file and upload it with the content metadata through the application submission page on  

To make use of the Urban Airship solution you will need to create an account with Urban Airship.  Account fees will be waived for registrants using Urban Airship for AppUp In-App purchases.  Follow the instructions linked below for more information.

Developers retain the choice of hosting provider for content, having the option to use Urban Airship or other hosting services; however these libraries make it very convenient to host and list the content for sale in your app via Urban Airship.  This capability is now available to HTML5 apps via Encapsulator or apps using our C++ SDK.



Administrative Edit: Note, this post was revised on 01/31/2013 removing information on the In-App Purchase: Content powered by Urban Airship* capability. See forum thread for more information

Intel AppUp In-App Purchase: Consumables

This is also an expansion of the In-App purchase capability, allowing for Consumable purchases to be made from AppUp apps.  This addition allows you to list items as Consumable purchases in your In-App Purchase worksheet.  Consumable items are items that can be purchased, consumed then repurchased.  A common use case would be selling virtual currency or points in your app that can be used to unlock certain features or capabilities.  This capability is available to HTML5 apps using Encapsulator or apps using our C++.  


  • HTML5 apps: Go to the “Advanced API” tab on the AppUp Encapsulator site   
  • C++ apps: Follow directions in this In-App Purchases: Consumables article
  • Forum thread

Administrative Edit: Note, this post was revised on 4/13/2012 removing information on the In-App Purchase Consumable capability. See forum thread for more information

Additional HTML5 & Encapsulator features

More AppUp APIs for HTML5

Apps coded in HTML5 and using our Encapsulator packaging solution catch up with C++ capabilities with regard to AppUp API support.  From Encapsulator you will now find a larger set of API support to enable things like In-App Purchases

Encapsulator 2.0 alpha - Chromium Webkit
Encapsulator evolves to version 2.0 alpha.  This next step with Encapsulator now leverages the Chromium WebKit solution which will allow it to support a broader range of HTML5 features such as HTML5 Audio & Video


Submission & Reporting Enhancements:

Larger File Size

We have removed the 2 Gigabyte file restriction for binary uploads to accommodate demand and growing interest in distributing PC titles to Ultrabooks via Intel AppUp center. 


Hardware profile WEI  / base scoring:

This feature allows developers to set a WEI score value for a recommended hardware profile for their app. This is groundwork for future capabilities that might filter and or recommend to consumers specific apps best suited for their hardware configuration.  This is a new feature within the app submission portal.  You first need to find score and then use it during the submission process. Just in case you haven’t heard of WEI, it is the Windows Experience Index that measures the capability of your computer's hardware and software configuration and expresses this measurement as a number called a base score.  



Enhanced Store Reporting:

We are now providing enhanced app download data in your dashboard, making available more information on how an app is performing across all AppUp affiliate stores and Geographies.  

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