A Quick Yocto-Grid

FRI2 build status display

Cross-posted from my blog on the Yocto Project site. Please go there for lots of great embedded Linux information.

Here in Hillsboro, Oregon, we have an open office area, and I really wanted a monitor set up which would display the status of our Yocto Project autobuilder for all to see. Since

I have a little embedded system in my office, our project's Build and Release Engineer, Beth Flanagan, offered to set it up for me. I thought that was a pretty brave offer, given that we're in the final dance of our Yocto Project v1.2 release. So I really appreciate it!

The system is some pre-release hardware which Darren Hart has been working on to get a BSP together. The box itself has a bunch of radios, but to make this exercise relatively easy, we just plug it into an ethernet port. The little box is designed mostly for "headless" applications not requiring a monitor, but it does have a couple of HDMI ports, so we just plugged the display in.

The display is just the Grid View of our autobuilder, so you can build your own display. There are other views as well, but this is a nice one for me to get an idea of what's going on. We did discover a number of interesting issues here like some gaps in our web browser support in our standard build profiles. We're looking into this, and some other issues we discovered.

I also fully realize that showing a static web page refreshing periodically is a pretty boring thing for a powerful processor to do. We should probably run some analytics or video transcoding or something. I just hate the thought of idle hands!

As you can tell from the photo, at the moment I took the snap, our BSP builds were all failing. A moment later they all came up green. Go figure. Darren and Beth say it is really easy for all of the builds to come up green - just a .css change!

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