7 Easy Steps to Showcase Your Software Business Using Video Production

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Videos are one of the best ways to get (and keep) your audience’s attention. Videos are social, viral, expressive and have a much longer shelf life than a Tweet or Facebook post. YouTube alone gets four billion views each day, 60 hours of video uploaded every minute, is the second largest search engine on the Internet, and in 2011, had more than one trillion views or almost 140 views for every person on earth.

The idea of creating videos can be daunting with all of the equipment to remember on top of thinking about what it is you’re shooting.

Here are some tips to ease the video production process:

What to Shoot

The first step in video production is to know what you want to shoot. Video is an effective tool because it invokes emotion or teaches the audience something new. The most effective videos tell a story, but what story could you tell? Here are some story ideas for your future videos:

• Demo your product
• Three top tips for using your product
• Client testimonials
• A behind the scenes look at the company
• Sneak peek at your upcoming product
• How-to video on using your product

Getting Started
Video equipment is getting less expensive. If you’re just starting out, pick up a low-cost HD camera and tripod.

Picking your location is almost as important as what you are shooting. Here are some ideas to keep in mind:
• Think about the background: If you can help it, stay away from a wall. Find a background that is visually interesting and can help tell the story. Depth in the background will highlight the subject and keep the audience interested.
• Use your ears: If the room sounds like a church hall, your audio will too. Look for rooms with carpet or furniture that will dampen the echo effect.

Keeping the camera steady is key to a comfortable viewing experience. The most important piece of equipment other than the camera is the tripod. If you need to improvise, use a table or podium.

When your equipment is ready, record a short test video to check for sound, batteries, framing and lighting. With all systems checked, you are ready for takeoff, and you’ll have confidence that the video is being recorded to the best quality.

Help Your Subject Help You
Work smart, not hard. Think about the final product while shooting your video. Leave the camera recording for four seconds before and after every shot for editing. Before you begin filming, ask the interviewee to answer the questions in complete sentences; speak loudly, slowly and clearly; and leave a space between each answer. These tips will cut the editing time down and you’ll have a better video in the end.

Take the Shot
Framing a beautiful shot will greatly increase the production value. Use the rule of thirds whenever you have a subject in the shot. For example, place your subject on the left side of the frame, then stand on the right side of your camera, so the subject is looking across the frame rather than at the camera. With an interesting background and using the rule of thirds, your video will go from a homemade video to a professional documentary-quality interview.

The most effective videos are 30 seconds or less. If this is too short for your subject, don’t worry, the second most effective videos are 1:30 and longer.

Save Yourself with B-Roll

B-roll is the extra footage you can use to cutaway to when you have editing cuts. Good b-roll should be footage that relates to what your subject is talking about. Try to have at least two shots of b-roll for every question you ask. If you’re not asking questions, for every main shot you should have at least 10 b-roll shots.

Be Social and Share

Your video needs a home to link to. Create a company YouTube account to host your videos. Make it easy for your audience to find your video by using specific keywords that relate to your video. Include the keywords in the title, description, key search terms field and for any extra social media posts you use to promote the video. From there, you can embed your video to any of your other sites with a quick copy and paste.

Wherever your audience goes, so should your video. Promote your video on Pinterest, Facebook page, Facebook tabs, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Google Adwords and your website.

Try these tips to create a video of the story you want to tell in one of the most engaging ways possible. Premier Elite Partners and Premier Partners in the Intel® Software Partner Program also have access to Wooshii, a video and animation production service.
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