PAX 2012 - What a Great Show!

PAX 2012 – What a Show!

PAX 2012 this year was another sell out show with at least 70,000 or more people showing up in Seattle.  Aside from some volunteer booth duty, an interview for a Publication, and some great Partner meetings; the big highlights for me this year were as follows:

1) The Customers/Attendees.  The energy in the crowd was infectious.  Seeing everyone so excited over the show and just simply ‘getting-into-it’.  Tons of Cosplay & incidentally some very amazing costumes!  Everyone seemed to be just having a great time.

2) The Games, & Products.   It never ceases to amaze me seeing the quality of the games keep getting better and better.  Along with the Hardware that helps bring it all to life.  While the digital video games are outstanding, every other little detail & aspect is also worth noting; and this ranges from everything from the board games, to the figurines, to peripherals – to you name it.

3) The Intel Booth. We had an incredible turnout this year in a relatively obscure part of the trade show floor.  We had some great Laptops and Ultrabooks being shown off.  Some great energy and a very eager crowd.

4) The Razer Keynote.  This was a standing room only affair.  Min (CEO) was outstanding! Big announcement was around the next generation of Razerblade Laptops.  I really have to give Min a ton of kudos here as he does a fantastic job of walking people through the advancements, step by step,  on what differentiates their new Razerblade  Laptops from the rest of the herd. 

5) League of Legends North American Regional Tournaments.  The crowd was just insane for viewing this competition.  I love seeing consumers get so worked up, and most of all – having fun again, with their games.  There’s nothing quite like seeing and experiencing that first hand while the tournament was going on.

I could literally go on for several more pages.   While this is now a tough show to get tickets for.  It’s definitely one worth seeing and experiencing first hand.  I hope the Penny Arcade group is able to keep here locally in Seattle.

Drop me a line if you have any questions.  I’ll do my best to respond.


Here’s a couple of Pics!

Razer Keynote


League of Legends Regionals

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