The Next Generation of Game Engines is available NOW – UE4 and Fortnite

We just posted a great article & spotlight up on the PC Gaming Alliance Website that provides a quick snapshot of the Next Generation Unreal Engine 4, and Fortnite, brought to you by Epic!  Go check out the article and share with your friends!


I’d like to share some quick thoughts and observations with everyone here as well.  

One:  I’m very excited to be affiliated and partnered with Epic in both the PC Gaming Alliance, and via Intel.  I’ve been working with Epic now on/off since the late 90’s and I can’t express enough how much I admire the contributions they’ve given us over the years to not just the PC Gaming platform; but even their impact & influence they’re having in the Console space, and on other platforms such as the iPad, Surface RT and so forth.  Huge kudos to Epic for keeping their foot on the gas; and moving the ball forward.

Two:  On the technology front I’m also very excited to see the UE4 engine come to life, but even more so seeing it come to life on the PC Gaming front first with games like Fortnite!   What does this mean though and why do I feel this way?  Several reasons:  1) Game Designers have the ability to compromise their vision least on the PC; and subsequently the UE4 engine & tools (Kismet) goes hand in hand with that making this a reality.  2) This is a VERY strong DirectX 11 Game Engine offering.  Yeah yeah… I have to admit… given my past as a DX11 Dev Rel Mgr I’ll always have a soft spot for DX 11 given that was one of my last babies before departing the big “M”; however, it goes beyond that.  It just simply pushes the technology envelope in ways we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface on yet.  I’m VERY excited to see what new Games and Worlds the Game Developers are going to be able to build for us with this new set of ‘Tools’! 

Three:  Cause and Effect.  That’s how I’ll summarize what’s going to take place when this new UE4 engine starts taking root and growing.  Given UE4’s ubiquity in the Gaming Eco-system I predict that not only does it push the bar & boundaries for games that’ll be shipping for the next several years; but it’ll also push competitors in this space.  However; it’s not just all about the Software Tools and Games, there’s also a very important Hardware element that comes into play here as well.  In order to really make this new Game Engine sing we’re going to need some pretty incredible Hardware to take full advantage of the Game Engine & Game itself.  So… at the end of the day… we the consumers that love to consume, play, & enjoy these games are going to see the Hardware companies (e.g. OEMs/IHVs/ODMs) strive even harder to deliver the goods so to speak.   So… expect to see some amazing things taking place as we all jockey to bring you, the Gamer, the best possible gaming experience we possibly can over the next few years!

There’s tons more I could go into on this amazing new engine.  Definitely check out our article; and even better please also go visit Epic also!

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