Generating Buzz: Getting your App Reviewed

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Congratulations, you just created your new app!  Now, you want to get it reviewed so it can gain credibility and visibility in the marketplace. How do you find bloggers to review your app? There isn’t a guaranteed formula, but a good starting point is to concentrate on those resources you know who already review similar products.

Overall, the absolute best tip is to take the time to build relationships with app reviewers. Whether you meet them at a conference, through social media, or through a forum, start a conversation and let them get to know you. It’s easier to get reviews from people with whom you’ve made a connection, than those with whom you haven’t. If you’re able to engage in various conversations that lend value to the reviewer sites, this will eventually lead to you getting recognized in the field.

Here are some more tips to get you started.

  • Find bloggers or review sites who review the type of app you have developed. Sounds obvious, but you absolutely don’t want to be submitting an insurance app to a gaming site, or vice versa. Avoid wasting your time or someone else’s by submitting to a site that doesn’t fit your market and customer demographics.
  • Know the blog or site’s preferred contact method. Take a few minutes to find out if they want to be contacted through a Contact Us page or web form, or through e-mail.
  • Follow the submission guidelines to the letter. If the requirements are to query first, then don’t send your app. If the guidelines say send all you have, then don’t waste time with an inquiry. Also, make sure to know whether the blogger or reviewer wants attachments – most don’t, but some do. Pay attention to what is requested. 
  • Don’t waste a reviewer’s time. When you submit your app for review, make sure to include basic information such as your company name, the app name, the app category, a brief description of some features, and a direct link to any relevant sites. If a reviewer has to spend time looking up the information himself, then he probably won’t.
  • Be prepared to be visual. Make sure to have screenshots, icons, videos, and promo art available for the reviewer to include with his review. Have the files available in areas like the cloud, on Flickr, or in Photobucket, and send working links to the applicable files.

What are your tips for engaging with app reviewers? 

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