Mobility of the Ultrabook™ Meets Innovative Software Rodismusic

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After her career as a professional musician playing in orchestras such as the Omaha Symphony and the Grand Rapids Symphony, Rodica Schileru began working in the software industry. But she couldn’t leave music entirely. She began teaching music on the side and soon enough combined her love of music with her software expertise and designed Rodismusic.

“I knew there was a better way for people to learn music. And I knew software could make that possible,” said Schileru. Rodismusic is software that allows the user to follow the video of a music performer synchronized with the sheet music. Users can click under any note to jump to that place in the music video and review as often as needed. Additional hot spots videos can be inserted for more detailed explanations at challenging places.

“My students always asked me for videos of my playing so they could follow along. They told me that they watched the videos repeatedly to improve. It dawned on me that I could create a far better tool with software.”

Schileru set out to create the software and has recently become an Intel® Software Partner. “The Intel experts are very responsive. I requested help and they responded within the day. They’re always willing to help.”

As part of her membership, Schileru has received a new Ultrabook™ to assist her in developing Rodismusic for the touch capabilities of the Ultrabook. “The Ultrabook is a natural extension of this software. It’s so light, students can take it with them and practice their music anywhere.”

Schileru is incorporating other instruments into her software, including the guitar and violin. “Learning to play an instrument is enriching and benefits anyone at any age. It’s never too late or too early.”

So far Schileru and her students are seeing big changes. “When students use the software, I see their playing improve by 30 to 40 percent.” Thanks to this huge success with her own students, Schileru is eager to expand the audience. “The Web allows people all over the world to access these lessons and improve their playing. Learning music is good for the soul.”

Rodismusic is bringing the music teacher to your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Initially developed for classical piano and violin, Rodismusic will provide online learning for other musical instruments and different styles of music in the near future. Visit Rodismusic for more information.

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