- Intel AMT Serial-over-LAN Support

A few hours ago, I added one more feature to's terminal. Full web-based Intel AMT serial-over-LAN support. So, if you click on a device and go to the terminal tab, you would have one "Connect" button. If the device is equiped with Intel AMT and it's activated, you get two buttons: "Connect" and "Connect Intel AMT". If you click connect, you get the normal in-band shell. A connection is made to the mesh agent using the normal network path. If you click on "Connect Intel AMT" a connection to Intel AMT is launched and you communicate to the mesh agent or BIOS using the Intel AMT virtual serial port.

By default, the mesh agent attempts to bind a command shell to the Intel AMT serial port, so, often times you will see the same command prompt for both in-band and Intel AMT out-of-band communication paths. Now, if you are using the terminal to connect using Serial-over-LAN, you can then reboot the computer to BIOS and see the BIOS screen in the terminal. Just like with the OpenDTK Commander, but now, fully online.

So now, a few notes: I have not built the Intel AMT remote power feature yet, so you can't reboot to BIOS from the web site. In the picture below, I used Commander to boot the computer to BIOS with Serial-over-LAN mode turned on, but the web site displayed the output correctly. I hope to have remote power control on the web site soon.

Also, people that look at th Javascript of the terminal page will notice that I implemented all of the Intel AMT serial-over-LAN protocol in Javascript. So, I am not using IMRSDK.dll at all! I am using my own meshcentral.js library to open a tunnel to Intel AMT and all of the Intel AMT SOL and VT100 decoding is entirely done in Javascript. It's fast and efficient.

For people with Intel AMT, Enjoy!

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