Programming Considerations for Sensors on Ultrabook™ Convertibles

I recently had the chance to interview Mark Davis about a Map Panning Application that he wrote that takes advantage of Windows 8* Ultrabook(tm) Sensors.  He ran into some interesting issues along the way.

Ultrabook convertibles come in a variety of configurations.  Some are similar to a "clam-shell" that convert to a slate (but still attach to the keyboard); some are "detachable" where the keyboard can be completely removed.

Mark demonstrates what happens when this convertible is transitioned to a slate.

Mark demonstrates what happens when this convertible becomes a slate.

In each case, even if the keyboard does not detach, the system may think it is always a slate or always a clam-shell.  Some systems can detect when they have been converted to slate mode and an event will be sent so that the software can make adjustments to function correctly in whichever mode the system is in.

Watch this video and see what Mark has to say about his application and what software developers need to take into considerations when designing sensor apps for Ultrabook Convertibles.

If you cannot access You Tube watch it here.

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