Ultrabook™ development – the fun side!

While I’ve done my fair share of programming in the past, I have yet to do any for the Ultrabook™, but I am intrigued to restart with the wealth of features (particularly utilising the available sensors) now on this platform Of course, the Intel Developer Zone (software.intel.com) has a wealth of resources to help a budding coder develop an application for any Intel platform. However, I’ve been looking at the articles posted on Code Project for the App Innovation contest, and there are many informative technical and really enjoyable articles available that augment the technical content on the Intel Developer Zone.

One that I found particularly enjoyable was titled “Let’s just Play” written by Steve Vink, who also happens to reside in the UK! I really liked the fun and enthusiastic way he wrote his article, which focused on the AppGame Kit which was created by The Game Creators. Although, the version that supports sensors is in BETA it was interesting to see the way the language is going, to implement the new features. What I especially like about this article is the inclusion of snippets of code, it really makes the whole process of understanding how to utilise the sensors much easier for a new developer The example code also really helps further, and shows how great it is to be able utilise sensors for any application on the Ultrabook™.

Steve Vink’s entire article can be found here: http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/516788/Lets-just-Play and was written in relation to the Windows 8* and Ultrabook™  App Innovation Contest that awarded multiple prizes, including a grand prize of $20,000.

Let me know your opinion on this article and if it helps in your Ultrabook™ app development!

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