- Server Update

Hi all! It's been a while since I last blogged. So, yesterday I updated the server machine that runs I swapped the 2 hard disks for two RAID1 600G SSD's. I also updated the OS for Microsoft Server 2012 and the database to SQL server 2012. All this should make the server a lot faster, not that it was loaded very much before. Even with all the traffic, the CPU on is almost never over 1%.

The one big thing I wanted out of the upgrade is the move from IIS7 to IIS8. With it, comes built-in websocket support and this week I added IIS8 web socket support in my code. In the past, I have a web socket server on port 8085, but some people have any ports except 443 blocked and they could not perform a lot of the interactive functions. Now with IIS8, I can accept web socket connections on port 443.

In general, in the last month I have been working on the server side of things... I want to get to a point where I can setup a new instance almost fully automaticaly and in a few minutes. I also want to be able to upgrade all of the server software automaticaly and, if I can pull this off, add a way to move from one instance to another in the back of a load balancer so I can automaticaly update software on one machine while another is handling the traffic.

Ok, back to coding...

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