- New Mesh Graph

I am glad to annonce a new Mesh graph feature into When you install mesh agents in computers, the agents form a mesh, discovering and monitoring each other. Well, it's not important to know the details of how the mesh is formed, but just for fun, I added a way to visualize the mesh nodes and links between nodes.

To see it, go into the "Account" tab, click on a mesh and select "Graph". I used the D3js library to render the data into something quite fun. The data is sent once to the web page and Javascript takes care of rendering it. You can also use the mouse to move nodes around and there are configuration boxes at the top to change the graph around. In general, you see all the computers in the mesh you selected, but if computers that are part of a mesh see other computers that are not part of your mesh, they will be drawn in a different color.

Below is a picture of my own mesh on my development machine.


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