Running Out of Gas? Intel® processor-based Ultrabook™ Sensors to the Rescue!

As I begin my 3rd article on what I’ve learned from about development for an Ultrabook™ system on, I feel I need to bring the subject closer to earth. I am so glad Dr. A. Bell submitted his article to the site called, “Road and Driving Pattern Analyzer using Ultrabook™.” I drive about 15,000 miles per year for commuting and vacations, some years more. One such vacation was a 6 week journey through the southwestern United States with my wife and dog.  Now if you’ve ever watched Roadrunner* cartoons you have a good idea where we were. We saw so many beautiful vistas and learned a little as well.  There are phenomenal landscapes and fascinating pre-history, but there's also a lot of time on the road looking at different shades of dirt.  For me, I spend a fair amount of the time playing with various calculations in my head like trip miles per hour including gas/potty/food stops or more importantly, is there enough gas in the tank to get to the next fueling station (a real concern when crossing Death Valley for instance).  Too bad I didn't have a device and application that approaches what Dr. Bell's analyzer does, I'd have never got bored.  Check out the references at the bottom of the article - they really help explain the possibilities of combining generally available information systems like web maps with Intel processor-based Ultrabook sensor specific data to create compelling and often even useful applications.  Oh well, now that I read about connecting the app to Microsoft* Bing* and my own Ultrabook system's GPS we just may have to bring the kids along on the next trek.

Google* Maps Image of Our Route

Road and Driving Pattern Analyzer using Ultrabook™ -

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