Intel IUEE Hackathon Day 1

My first day at the IUEE Intel Hackathon

Hi, my name is Sonia Gupta and I am a senior at Westview High School. I'm an intern at the Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience (IUEE) Hackathon helping Paul Steinberg, Brad Hill and the student mentors.  I am also getting a better insight into the field of software development. Learning HTML and CSS is a very interesting experience for me because I am going to college next year and I am trying to figure out my major and this hackathon is a very effective way for me to do that. 

The first presentation was attended by a huge crowd who seemed very enthusiastic to learn about HTML. It was presented by Saki, who was talking about the basics of HTML 5 and CSS. It consisted of her introducing how to install Notepad ++ on your laptop, and from there she showed step by step how to create a basic HTML page using CSS. It was a very interesting experience, and helpful because everyone was able to see how her HTML was transformed into an actual web page. 
I am currently learning the basics of HTML myself, and my goal is to start helping participants with their questions this week. We'll see how that goes!


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