OEM Line-up for Intel® Small Business Advantage for 3rd Generation Intel® Core™ Processors

Welcome to my blog.  Here I am providing information on which systems support the Intel(r) Small Business Advantage (Intel SBA) platform.


Note that this blog covers finding systems for Intel 3rd Generation Processors - I will be writing a similar blog that covers the Intel 4th Generation Processors once the product SKUs become available.

Intel SBA is a computing platform, consisting of hardware, software, and firmware, for small businesses that do not have a managed network. Intel SBA includes six applications in a user accessible carousel to help small businesses manage basic security and productivity issues.

We must be careful not to confule Intel SBA with Intel(r) Activive Management Technology as they are not interchangeable.  While Intel(r) Core i5 and Intel Core i7 that are equipped with Intel(r) vPro(tm) Technology will be capable of running either Intel SBA or Intel AMT, not all systems that are capable of running Intel SBA will be capable of running Intel AMT.

The basic requirements for Intel SBA are:

  • Intel Core Processor (i3, i5, i7)
  • Flash space for 5MB Firmware
  • Small Business PCH (chipset)
  • Desktop Boards:  Q77, B75
  • Notebook Boards:  QM77, QS77, HM77, UM77
Since we don't normally shop for computer systems based on boards, chipsets and processors, here is a list of OEM platforms that will support Intel SBA for the Intel 3rd Generation Processors.

Note:  Not all SKUs below are available from the OEM's website.  Many are only available through the channel.

OEMProduct Line/SKUForm Factor
ASUSBM-Series (BM6835, BM6875) vPro TechnologyDesktop Tower
ASUSBP-Series (BM6335)Mini Tower
ASUSB-series (B400, B400A, B400V)Ultrabook
ASUSB-series (B43, B53)Notebook
ASUSASUSPRO Advanced (B53V)Notebook
SAMSUNGSeries 4 (400B4C, 400B5C)Notebook
SAMSUNGSeries 6 (600B4C, 600B5C)Notebook
ACERVeriton (4000, 6000)Desktop


  • P453-M/MG, P643-M/MG, 
  • P453M/MG, P643-M/MG, 
  • P633M/MG
ACERVeriton (830, 630)Desktop
ACERAcer Shangqi (M,S,X)Desktop
DellLatitude (E5530, E5430) Notebook
LenovoThinkPad Edge (V480s, V580)Notebook
LenovoThinkPad Edge (V480u)Ultrabook
LenovoThinkPad Edge (B580)Notebook
LenovoThinkPad Edge Feature (E130, E330, E430, E530)Notebook
LenovoThinkPad Edge Premium (S430)Notebook
LenovoThinkPad Edge Ultrabook (S230u)Ultrabook
LenovoThinkPad T  (T430u)Ultrabook
LenovoThinkPad Ti/Xi (T430i, T530i, T230i)Notebook
LenovoThinkCenter Edge (92, 92z)Desktop 
LenovoYang Tian (S720, S770)Desktop
LenovoYang Tian (A6900, A6900, M6900)Desktop
FujitsuEsprimo (P910, Q910)Desktop-Mini Tower, Desktop


  • Grail-S792
  • Erida-E782
  • Spinel-S782
  • Tercel - T902
  • Erida vPro - E752
  • Spinel vPro - S752
  • Turquoise - T732
FujitsuCelsius Harley (H720), Hummel (H920)Notebook
FujitsuUltrabook (Quartz) U772Ultrabook
FujitsuCelcius (W520, W420)Desktop Tower

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