Developers And Cloud Computing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

I attended the Cloud Expo in New York City at the Javits Center in June. The attendees were a mix of Web hosting companies, web developers, software developers, hardware developers, and operating system developers. The event sponsors included Intel®, IBM*, Citrix*, Rackspace*, Oracle*, Verizon Terremark*, Akamai*, and many more.  Everyone came to learn, share, and we agreed that the development cycle was quicker than expected for new software and products using the. Companies opened up their APIs to gain more developer mindshare, and used industry open standards.  In this blog, I will share some of what is being provided by Rackspace, IBM, and Intel to help cloud application developers.

Developers have access to the API documentation and software Development Kit (SDKs) across all of Rackspace’s services at their developer site, Rackspace* believes that developers are the key contributors to their success. Thus, they want to provide developers with the tools and resources necessary to create new applications and services on top of their APIs.  Here is what available at


At the Cloud Expo, IBM introduced new APIs, which can be found at the IBM developer site (  The article “New APIs in IBM SmartCloud Enterprise 2.2: An overview of APIs…” focuses on the use of APIs and outlines sample use cases for the following features:

• User management
• Guest messaging
• Service offering management
• Service instance management
• Storage unit provisioning

The introduction of the new APIs focuses on arming developers with the tools and resources to build new products, applications, and services.

Intel has several Software Development Kits that aimed at cloud computing developers.  Below, I will provide a brief descriptions and the website for the Intel Cloud Services, Intel Data Plane Development Kit (SDK), and Intel OpenAttestation SDK.  Beside the SDKs, I will share some quotes from white paper “Intel’s Vision of Open Cloud Computing” which summarizes additional resources for cloud computing developers. 

Intel has a Cloud Services Platform Beta where developers can download the Software Development Kit (SDK) for Identity Based and Cross-Platform Services.  
Learn more at

Open Attestation SDK – The OpenAttestation project provides a SDK to add cloud management tools that establish a host’s integrity information. 
Learn more at,

Intel® DPDK: Data Plane Development Kit
The Intel DPDK is a set of libraries and drivers for fast packet processing on x86 platforms. Additional links provide more information.  
- Packet Processing on Intel® Architecture
- Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (Intel® DPDK): API Reference

Beyond the SDKs mentioned above, here are some quotes from the white paper “Intel’s Vision of Open Cloud Computing” that aiming to provide more resources to developers.

” Intel believes in standards-based open and interoperate-able solutions.  To achieve this, solutions (infrastructure of cloud computing and the related ecosystems) must easily interoperate across cloud environments based on industry standards.

To meet the challenges of enabling wider cloud adoption, Intel is active on many fronts:

1) Working with leading enterprises and service providers to understand their requirements,
2) Driving technology innovation to address inherent challenges with security, efficiency, and scalability,
3) Enabling optimized solutions across a broad ecosystem, and
4) Engaging with standards bodies to enable open standards focused on cloud deployments.

An example of working with leading cloud providers and enterprises is Intel’s role as the technical advisor to the Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA).  Intel uses insight from its engagements with leading systems and solutions providers to develop reference architectures and best practices offered through the Intel® Cloud Builders program.  And for developers seeking to use public cloud infrastructure services, Intel® Cloud Finder makes it easier to select providers that meet a developer’s requirements.

Open Data Center Alliance

The ODCA is an independent organization of over 300 leading global IT managers who amplify their collective voice by documenting best-of-breed data center requirements for today and the future….
To learn more, visit

Intel® Cloud Builders

The Intel Cloud Builders program brings together leading systems and software solutions vendors to provide best practices and practical guidance on how to deploy, maintain, and optimize a cloud infrastructure based on Intel® Architecture…
Learn more at

Intel® Cloud Finder

To better equip IT developers worldwide with knowledge and answers they need to take full advantage of public cloud capabilities, Intel provides Intel Cloud Finder for match making with providers….”
Learn more at  and “Intel’s Vision of Open Cloud Computing

The Cloud Expo June’13 illustrated that cloud computing is growing rapidly, and a single company may not be fast enough to build the next killer applications. Intel and some sponsors have a vision of providing the developers the access to the APIs and resources necessary to build services, applications, and products that will map out the future computing.  With these capabilities, developers will have a wide variety of choice of resources to build on the platform where the return of investment (ROI) is high. 

Open Attestation SDK,
Intel® DPDK: Data Plane Development Kit
Packet Processing on Intel® Architecture
Open Data Center Alliance
Intel’s Vision of Open Cloud Computing


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