Android Game Dev Workshop: Report from Sacramento

Android developers in and around Sacramento showed up at the free  Android Game Dev Workshop  on Saturday, October 5, 2013 to talk about  Android and HTML5 development, as well as play with some pretty awesome Intel hardware. The workshop featured multiple presenters, expert demos, and of course, a chance to see what fellow Android and HTML5 developers are up to. 

image courtesy Daniel Holmlund

55 people attended this workshop, which was put on jointly by the Sacramento HackerLab, the  Independent Game Developers Alliance for Sacramento, and the Google Developers Group – Sacramento, and Intel. The event ran from 10am to 6pm on Saturday Oct 5th, where there were a number of talks from Intel and the developer community on how to successfully develop games for Android devices.

In addition to learning about Android game development, developers who demonstrated outstanding applications had the opportunity to be recognized and discovered by Intel. This could include marketing and promotional support from Intel to get your app to marketing, becoming an ambassador for Intel® Android and HTML5 and participating in industry events like GDC or IDF. Developers were encouraged to bring their best HTML5 and Android work to this event; whether it was still in progress or ready to demo, Intel wanted to see it.

Community Manager Bob Duffy attended the event; he also had the opportunity to talk about the workshop on “Good Day Sacramento”, a live morning show (click the image to watch the video):

A testing station was available at the workshop, allowing developers to try their existing apps on Intel powered devices and possibly win a prize.   Three Intel devices were available to test existing Android apps compiled for either ARM or x86.

Image courtesy Daniel Holmlund

The Project Anarchy session was especially popular, with at least 30 developers attending.  A walk-through of Project Anarchy available features that empower developers to make exciting, graphically rich games for mobile platforms was given, along with a discussion of some of the common challenges in mobile game development and how the Havok toolset helps solve them using features like the asset management system, LUA scripting, remote input system, file serving, and more.

Other breakout sessions included:

Beacon Mountain v.05, tool suite for Android: Learn how to speed development of Android Apps for Devices Using ARM* and Intel® Atom™ Processors. Demo will review the Google and Android tools included in the Beacon which help you code, debug and optimize native apps targeting Android-based devices, including smartphones and tablets. The tools are compatible with Eclipse and support popular Android SDKs including the Android NDK.

Designing a mobile game for success: What you can learn from successful mobile games? How can you apply those keys to your game design? Genre, theme, technology, control schemes, business model, core loop hooks are all key components of game design to consider.  In this workshop Devin will present his game design playbook and facilitate an interactive workshop to help you develop your own ideas. Without proper care devoted to game design you can't just think your magic dreams will all work out.

One codebase, multiple platforms: Learn how it's possible to use HTML5/JS to create games using one codebase and distribute to not only mobile but to a lot of the popular platforms currently available. He will run down all the different tools and resources you can use to get started and point out any road blocks you may encounter during development.

Image courtesy Bob Duffy

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