- New Android Features

Right next to where I sit at Intel sits Rick Edgecombe who now works full time on the Mesh Agent for Android. Last week he released a new version of the Mesh Agent on the Google Play store with many new features. Essentially, the new agent can relay Android API calls from the web to the Android operating system. So, you can call a command in Javascript and that command will be relayed to the Android device. This new API relay feature can be used to do a lot of things.

Then, with the help of Matt Primrose, another co-worker that sits next to me, we updated the Android actions on so users could make use of some of the new features. We now have remote dial, open a web page, remote text messaging, access for calandar and contact information. All this in addition to flash, vibrate and alerts we had before.

So, if you want to try these new features, add your Android device to Meshcentral and check out the new features. We have a Youtube video demonstration and a screen shot of the new features below.


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