- New Dashboard

As more people add devices to Meshcentral or their own instance of the Mesh server, it’s increasingly important to be able to search, filter and visualize large numbers of devices. Today, Matt Primrose with help from Chris Piper are happy to announce the new Meshcentral Dashboard, an amazingly powerful way to visualize mesh devices. For anyone using Meshcentral, you can now select “Dashboard” in the “Show” menu on the upper right of the devices screen. You then get taken to a completely new screen that loads all of the devices using web sockets and organizes then using advanced Javascript running locally on the browser. The new interface is both mouse and touch enabled with support for clicks, double clicks, drag & drop and touch move to setup the filters just the way you want. We also use a graphing library to give users a visual overview of the devices.

As a result of all this, mesh administrators can now select the dashboard as their main way of navigating mesh devices. You can group and order devices by mesh, power state, Intel AMT version and more. You can also group devices by many filters as once, allowing the administrators to quickly see for example: what sleeping devices have Intel AMT or what Linux devices are in each mesh. The new user interface is fully dynamic. Changes to a devices name or power state will be shown in real time on the user interface, no more refresh. The dashboard interface keeps a web socket connection back to the server so that any changes are reflected on the dashboard instantly.

Both and have been updated with this feature and other Mesh servers are being updated now. Regardless if you using Meshcentral for computer support, small business management, internet of things, embedded management or anything else. This new dashboard will help get a handle on your devices and make the most out of Meshcentral. We just recorded a Dashboard demonstration video on Youtube. We are looking for feedback on the feature, so try it and let us know if it works for you.


The new Meshcentral Dashboard can quickly search, group and sort large
numbers of devices so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

We have a full demonstration video of the dashboard feature. We show how to enable it,
how filter group work and how to graph the results to get a quick view of the data.

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