The 2014 Intel Level Up Game Developer Contest is open...NOW!

I'm super excited for another season of Level Up.  You'll notice a subtle but important change in the name from "Intel Level Up Game DEMO Contest" to "Intel Level Up Game DEVELOPER Contest".  We recieved feedback last year that the term "demo" carries more weight amongst would be participants - many people thought we were looking for polished, consumer ready "demos".  What we are in fact looking for are innovative signs of life, playable proofs of concept, prototypes and basically anything up to but not including released games.

The contest will be open for entries starting next Monday, March 17, and we will have some of last years winners in our GDC booth to help promote the contest.  Plesae swing by and say hello!

This season we're putting even more of a focus on innovation in Intel platforms with a specific call out, that 50% of the scoring will come from use of Ultrabook / 2 in 1 features such as touch input, tablet/clamshell context awareness, use of sensors, etc.  (see Official Rules for details).

We've got a great panel of celebrity judges to play through the best of this years submissions to determine the winners!

I do not take feedback lightly, and for those of you who are developing games in countries that aren't specifically included for the contest, I'm terribly sorry that I was not able to change our global contest policy.  Please keep developing games, innovating, and become sucessful!

I'll be here in San Francisco for GDC, and will also be monitoring the forum for this year's contest.  Hope to meet some of you in person at our booth or around the conference!




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