- Multi-Desktop Feature

A few minutes ago, we updated with a new multi-desktop feature. Perfect for embedded usages where you need to monitor what is going on with many computers at once, you can now select many computers on the devices page, right click and select “Multi-Desktop”. You are then directed to a page where you can see connect and view many desktops at once. Each desktop is monitored in real time much like a security system. We also offer options to change the compression and scaling settings on the mesh agent side. So, you can monitor many computers with aggressive agent side scaling and compression to minimize data transfer. Also, you can change the layout and connect and disconnect computers individually (right-click on any screen for these options).

On the technical side, this new page allows for Websocket and WebRTC connections. With WebSockets, all of the desktop traffic is merged into a single web socket connection between the browser and the server for maximum efficiency. Flow control on each remote desktop connection is separately managed. The page also allows WebRTC connections on Firefox, Chrome and Opera. In this case, the browser will launch separate connections to each target computer and encrypted traffic will flow directly, without server relay.

This and other features continue making Meshcentral a leading software solution for embedded usages. Check out our Youtube demonstration video.

Questions and feedback appreciated,
Ylian Saint-Hilaire

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