- Now with ChromeOS support!

Words can’t start to describe how many hours, days and weeks of absolutely hair pulling insane work Rick Edgecombe has put into this. Something that many did not think was even possible, but it’s done and released… the Mesh Agent for ChromeOS released on the Chrome store. That is right, you can now take a stock ChromeBook device and hook it up to You can then see the ChromeOS device in your list of managed devices and start remotely managing it from the cloud. For now, this version of the Mesh agent only works on Intel 64bit Chrome Books. The two main features are:

  • Remote Video Support. Just like the Android Mesh Agent, the ChromeOS agent support WebRTC remote video for device support. You can initiate a remote support session, have two-way audio and one way video. On the ChromeOS side, the code handling the audio/video is part of Chrome itself which is very different from the Android implementation.
  • Remote Desktop. From the Mesh server, you can initiate a WebRTC remote desktop session to ChromeOS. This is a first for Meshcentral, remote desktop is normally handled by our own custom code, but while the remote desktop page looks like any other device, ChromeOS remote desktop could not be more different than Windows, Linux, OSX and others. The remote desktop feature is currently view-only. No remote input allowed.

The software runs mostly native C code compiled as NaCL making it very fast. Check out Rick’s Youtube video demonstration of the setup and operations of the agent. You can download the Mesh Agent and Mesh Agent Helper on the Chrome Web Store, both these components are needed. You will also find links to these packages using the normal Meshcentral installation process.

Questions and feedback appreciated,
Ylian Saint-Hilaire

The Mesh Agent for ChromeOS allows Chrome Book devices to show up on Meshcentral and be remotely managed.

Users have to install two packages from the Chrome Store and then activate the Mesh agent using a Meshcentral activation code.

The main two features currently supported are remote desktop and remote video chat. Both are implemented using WebRTC.

Mesh ChromeOS video and desktop

The new Mesh Agent and Mesh Agent Helper are available on the Chrome Web Store.
Check out the Youtube video demonstration for activation & use.

Mesh Chrome Web Store

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