Torpedoes, Class Warfare, Fish, and Intel

Are you an indie game developer? Intel wants to help you! Intel recently hosted a Buzz Workshop in San Francisco at the Minna Gallery featuring a variety of panels, tech sessions, networking opportunities, and face time with Intel experts. Over 100 local developers attended, seeking knowledge and community, permeating the atmosphere with optimism.

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The first half of the event kicked off with invited talks, demos, and panel discussions. In the second half of the event, things took a spicy turn to focus on the attendees with a developer showcase. Workshop attendees who signed up for the developer showcase faced-off against each other, by presenting a game trailer and/or live demo of their current title, with the audience of their peers voting in real time for the most compelling game. Arachnid Games stole the show with Diluvion*, a “Submarine game set in a world covered by ice, the game features: torpedoes, class warfare, and fish.”

Here is a link to the trailer:

Diluvion features beautifully hand drawn art, as well as immersive 3d artwork in an open world environment. Players will explore the depths of an ice-covered planet, encountering hostiles and delving into the mysteries of a vast, dark ocean. Diluvion is a mash up of a Jules Verne novel and the Dreamcast classic Skies of Arcadia*, where players are submarine captains with millions of gallons of water crushing down on them, in a hostile environment where a direct hit from a torpedo can sink their subs.  

Sonar is a crucial tool providing information about the environment and relaying key info back to the player’s HUD. The further a player descends into the watery depths, the darker the environment becomes, and the more essential sonar is to surviving the hostile world of Diluvion.

As an indie developer, Arachnid Games faces many challenges on the road to eventual publication and sales. Chief among these hurdles is having Diluvion run on as wide of an install base as possible, which makes Intel and Arachnid Games natural partners. By working with Intel they’re able to understand what the volume platforms in the market will be and get access to the latest tools for testing their game.

Intel will continue to host new community focused events, such as the Buzz Workshop series, and looks forward to partnering with innovative indie game developers such as Arachnid Games. Diluvion is currently in development for both PC and consoles.


About the author:

Landyn Pethrus is an engineer at Intel, avid gamer, and hardware enthusiast. When Landyn is not fountain sniping with Ancient Apparition, slaying bosses, or pursuing higher level education, he can be found on the rivers of Oregon fishing.

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