Intel®DevTech Mixer at SxSW 2015

SxSW is the largest interactive five day event of emerging technology, networking, and unbeatable showcases featuring new video games, startup ideas, and websites.  At the Moonshine in Austin, Texas, on March 16th from 7:30 PM to 10 PM, (register here if you'd like to attend!) several developers will be presenting a variety of demos at the Intel®DevTech Mixer:

Dancing Spiders: A series of hexapod robots (spiders) light up and move about on a platform, cooperatively on their own, looking seemingly alive via the Intel® Edison platform.

Fractured Future (Octoblu): Interactive DJ-Art installation using sci-fi-inspired control system and projecting mapping to produce visuals and imagery that shift and change with mixing of music in real time.

Full Stack Robots (Cylon.JS): The Internet of Things has begun to form, and the Age of Robots is upon us. We will share our vision of “Full Stack Robotics” based on open source software such as Cylon.js (, with live demonstrations of actual robotic devices. We will be showing an Internet connected beverage dispenser, wearables, and even a delivery drone, as part of a complete IoT solution.

Asteroid Fighter and App Showcase Apps: Variety of apps from the Intel®RealSense™ App Showcase including Asteroid Fighter from the Jim Parsons’ TV commercials.

Space Between (Chronosapien): Space Between is a captivating and immersive underwater puzzle game based on gesture sets found within Intel’s® RealSense™ SDK

Head of the Order (Livid): Head of the Order is a tournament style fighting game where users get to play as wizards and other magical beings while using hand gestures to cast spells at one another. It utilizes the Intel RealSense platform to give players a next generation interactive experience.

Anti-Snoozer (Peter Ma): Automotive technology proof of concept using Intel RealSense technology and Intel Edison to detect if the driver is getting drowsy, alerting the driver before he creates an accident.  The purpose of Anti-Snoozer is to optimize prevention of drowsy driving through the utilization of the app's many mechanisms: detection of notable sleepy facial expressions, vibration of smartwatch (initiated upon sleepy detection) so as to jerk the driver awake, and more.

Live DJ Music Composing (Justin Lassen): Using custom software, professional composer Justin Lassen composes, mixes, and plays music live only using a 2:1 laptop. 

Will you be at SxSW?

It's not too late to register - click here if you'd like to attend. Make sure you schedule some time to drop by and see these developers demo their cutting edge projects at SxSW. In addition, be sure to check out the Intel® Developer Zone, a global software developer community that provides free development tools and access to a network of knowledge from peers and Intel experts. Learn more about Intel software tools at


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