Recap: Intel® Software at MWC 2015

Last week Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 ( Barcelona-Spain) was full of innovation, opportunities for networking and interaction with industry experts; as well as the chance to get information from experts on everything from how to code on Intel® platforms to developers showing off cutting-edge projects using Intel® Software tools. There was too much going on at MWC to cover in just one blog, so here’s a quick recap of the Intel® Software’s presence at MWC 2015.

Intel Software at MWC – The Booth

If you attended MWC this year, hopefully you had a chance to visit the very interactive Intel Software booth, which featured an inviting layout allowing easy access to exciting Intel technology demos and daily live mural creation by local artists. One of the most compelling features of the booth was the “Surf the Code” game where attendees received wrist bands, visited different demos to get virtual coins and played a video game at the end with the coins they collected. In addition, visitors could get their heads scanned with an Intel® RealSense™ tablet, and this image would appear as their character in the game that they were playing.

A social media mustache contest also drew a lot of participation; attendees could take a selfie using the Intel® Selfie App for Android app wearing a green mustache, tag it with #IntelAndroid, and get in the running to be recognized for one of the best MWC photos of the day.  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday ended with a “Happy Hour” in the Intel Software booth, where developers could relax, chat and network. On Wednesday, the developers were encouraged to “Walk this Way” to the developer party in the Intel booth.  Over 500 developers lined up, and the first 250 received tablets.  On Thursday, the booth was transformed into a Star Trek themed “MWC Survivor Party” with a photo kiosk, dancing Andy characters, live DJ, food, music and T-shirts for the first 1500 who took their photo in the photo kiosk.  Check out the fun with the Andys and the photo booth at the Survivor party here and here.

Interactive Demos

Software developers from around the globe who created projects utilizing IoT, Intel® RealSense™ Technology, and Android* were at the Intel Software booth.  This group of developers – including contest winners and Intel® Software Innovators - showcased the best use of Intel’s comprehensive portfolio of tools and resources that enabled them to create innovative applications and services based on Intel® Architecture. Intel Software Innovators and contest winners in the booth are listed below:

Intel RealSense Technology demos:

Paolo Daolio/Miniclips:  Facial recognition integrated in order to recognize each player, along with hand gestures to remove Zombies that cling to the cart.

Liu Yong/Beijing Chu Jiao Technology: ARPedia exhibits the rich contents of an encyclopedia using the technology of augmented reality with the Intel RealSense SDK and Camera.  

Benson Loo/Creative Knowledge: Moo-O, which means puppet in Mandarin, is an immersive digital storybook which uses the RealSense Camera, face detection and tracking technologies. 

Dragos Stanculescu/FaceRig: FaceRig enables anyone to embody fantastic digital characters in real time at the press of a button. Can be used for on-the-go, high quality CG video content creation or live entertainment.

Android demos:

Dennis Strein, Hans Kratz/AIDE: Developing for Android 64-bit on mobile devices with AIDE. AIDE is our on-device Android IDE for Intel and ARM devices.

Gregory Menvielle/SmartNotify: SmartNotify helps you communicate better.  We have a nice algorithm that will protect you from non-stop inbound distractions, and we can give you lots of insights as to which channels to use to best communicate with your audience.

Michael Schloh: Intel XDK; My current project showcases Galileo, Minnoboard, and Edison hardware while demonstrating interfacing to sensors (heat, touch, optics, accel, etc.) by leveraging arbitrary APIs (Node+, Johnnyfive) and developing all this for a demonstration Android human interface using the Intel XDK.

Chris Price/ConsoleOS: To showcase Console solutions, we’re going to show a 64-bit ART (Android Runtime) game side-by-side with 64-bit Windows. But, to make things just a bit more interesting, we’re going to do it across both Intel processor lines and device types.

Internet of Things demos:

Ron Evans/Cylon.JS: The Internet of Things has begun to form, and the Age of Robots is upon us. What are the tools and techniques that will help us craft the technologies that will make it real?

Chris Matthieu/Octoblu: Octoblu + Intel IoT Gateway = Industrial IoT. This demo will demonstrate an Android human interface attached to an IoT system, with the Minnoboard integrated in a Galileo-based IoT.

Peter Ma/CarSense: Giving IF sensor, temperature sensor to the car to prevent kids and pets to get injured or death through hyperthermia from the car.

Tiago Alves/Muzzley: Muzzley-Intel LED Strip; Connectivity on one interface; Control a wide range of devices with customizable interfaces using only your phone and the Muzzley app.

More information about all of these demos can be found here.  There was also an app showcase highlighting innovative apps from Facerig, Kolor, edjing, and Nuia.

Intel Software at MWC – Media

Steve “Chippy” Paine, a well-known tech blogger, filmed videos of iConsole TV, the HPSprout Real Sense Demo; IoTDevKit, and CCF.   Sascha Pallenberg and Nicole Scott of Mobile Geeks livestreamed “Tech Lounge” interviews throughout MWC from the Intel corporate booth, including interviews with Scott Apeland and Bill Pearson on Intel Developer Zone, Chris Price on iConsoleTV, and Innovator Marc Pous about the IoT community.

Big winners at MWC

Intel Software was also a top sponsor of the Mobile Premier Awards (MPAs) – the annual finale to the Intel-sponsored ‘Connect and Enrich’ challenge and AppCircus events held throughout the world.  Scott Apeland, Director of Intel’s Developer Programs Organization, kicked off the event with a heartwarming keynote showing how developers can make a positive change in the world. 

Sixteen of the AppCircus finalists traveled to Barcelona to compete in this ‘Star Wars’ themed event Monday evening of MWC.  Each contestant had three minutes to pitch their app to a panel of judges and then a few minutes to respond to questions from the judges.  The Sala Apolo, a unique and fun venue, was packed with standing room only.  The local Barcelona News channel came to film the two local teams competing in the MPA 2015. Details, winners, and the winning pitches are all posted at  Winners were Best App:  Fansino (U.S).  Audience Award: GPSGay (Uruguay); Big Impact Award: Mobile Triage (S. Africa).    

In addition to the MPAs, Intel Software participated in IoT Stars, an evening planned to meet and network with C-level industry leaders, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, investors, press and media working in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. The pitching event for fifteen IoT startups was divided into two categories; one for early stage startups and another for Series A startups. Bill Pearson, Director of IoT Developer Programs, represented Intel as a judge for the early stage startups and was also involved in the pre-selection of the IoT ideas. Intel Software Innovator Marc Pous organized this event, with fellow Innovator Chris Matthieu demoing his Octoblu IoT solution during networking.

The winner for the early stage startup was leeluu, an interactive soft-toy and nightlight which are controlled by touch and can communicate.  The winner of the series A startup was Ambiotex, a German startup focused on wearable technology: the concept was a smart shirt that provides deeper insights into the autonomous nervous system by connecting pulse with respiration, speed and movement data.

Over 200 MWC attendees were able to participate in this event, and all startups were awarded with an Intel® Edison board.

Looking forward to MWC 2016!

As you can see from this brief overview, it was a busy week at Mobile World Congress – and this recap barely scratches the surface. Were you at MWC 2015? Let us know in the comments below if you were that are what you enjoyed most about MWC. We look forward to seeing you at MWC 2016!




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