Archived - Project template to develop WPF applications with VB.NET and Intel® RealSense™

The Intel® RealSense™ SDK has been discontinued. No ongoing support or updates will be available.

In Visual Studio Gallery is available my project templates for WPF applications that allows you to create applications written in VB.NET that use Intel® RealSense™ SDK.

The template can be downloaded directly from within Visual Studio by using the tool "Extensions and Updates" as shown in the next figure:

or you can download it directly from the link

The template does the following operations:

  1. Adds the reference to the libpxcclr.cs.dll assembly (in two versions for x86 and x64 platform);
  2. Adds the post build script to copy the libpxccpp2c.dll from the SDK folder to the bin folder of your project.

Once the project is created, you have to remove the AnyCPU build configuration (which cannot be used because RealSense dll is compiled for x86 or x64 platform) from your solution and you are ready to develop with Intel® RealSense™.

Obviously you need to install the Intel® RealSense™ SDK that you can download at

Enjoy RealSense!!!

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