Top Ten Intel Software Developer Stories | September

Cat Quest

Winners of the 2017 Intel® Level Up Game Developer Contest

From puzzles to role playing, meet the top five winners in the five genres of the Intel® Level Up Game Developer Contest.


Profiling TensorFlow* Workloads with Intel® VTune™ Amplifier

We show you how to combine the data provided by the TensorFlow* library with options available in the Intel® VTune™ Amplifier to help optimize performance.

Andres Rodriguez

Intel® HPC Developer Conference: Get Enabled

Don’t miss Andres Rodriguez talk “Enabling the Future of Artificial Intelligence” at The Intel® HPC Developer Conference. It’s coming soon so register now!

VR Developer Guide

VR Content Developer Guide

Get general guidelines for developing and designing your virtual reality (VR) application and learn how to obtain optimal performance using Intel® Core™ i7 processors.

UPM Sensor Library

Discover the UPM Sensor Library's New Website

UPM, a high-level sensor library for the Intel® IoT Platform, has a new website. Explore 400+ supported sensors, along with easy-to-find code samples, sensor specifications, datasheets, and more.

Vectorization for Games

Use the Intel® SPMD Program Compiler for CPU Vectorization in Games

Learn how easy it is to migrate highly vectorized GPU compute kernels to vectorized CPU code by using the Intel® SPMD Program Compiler.

Baggage Detection

Unattended Baggage Detection Using Deep Neural Networks in Intel® Architecture

The need for sophisticated security is growing. We discuss an application for image classification using Microsoft Common Objects in Context*.

Software Innovators at SIGGRAPH

Software Innovators at SIGGRAPH

Take a look at the cutting-edge work three Intel® Software Innovators presented at SIGGRAPH.

IoT Protocols

Developing for Intel® Active Management Technology

Discover how Intel® Active Management Technology can make remote management of computers much easier.


Announcing the Intel Modern Code Developer Challenge from CERN* openlab

Follow the five exceptional students participating in the CERN* openlab Summer Student Programme who are working to research and develop solutions for five modern-code-centered challenges.

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