Top Ten Intel® Software Developer Stories February

Image classifier

Build an Image Classifier in Five Steps on the Intel® Movidius™ Neural Compute Stick

Follow this step-by-step process to build an image classifier using deep neural network layers.

FPGA Contest

Watch Teams from Around the World Compete in the Innovate FPGA Contest

Take a look at the amazing projects that our teams are working on as they compete for a place in the Innovate FPGA finals.

Get Noticed.  Get Big.

Get Ready, Get Noticed, Get Big: A Practical Guide to Marketing Your Indie Game

Intel’s new Get Ready, Get Noticed, Get Big initiative provides indie game developers with vital tools, information, and guidance to get their games noticed in today’s dynamic gaming market.

Feeling Queasy?

Fighting VR Sickness

Learn some of the tips and tricks to keep the user experience comfortable and how to combat those queasy feelings that sometimes come with using VR.

Persistent Memory

Persistent Memory Programming Part 1: What is Persistent Memory?

Learn about persistent memory, how it’s connected to a computer platform, how it performs, and some of the challenges it presents for programmers.

Realistic Visualization

Kitware* Delivers Realistic Visualization for High-Performance Computing (HPC) Data

Collaborating with Intel allows Kitware’s latest Visualization Toolkit and their rending product ParaView* to offer new features to enhance realism. Discover more about these tools that provide open source software for HPC visualization.

Cancer Screening

How AI Advances Cervical Cancer Detection Using Convolutional Neural Networks

This is one in a series of articles that showcases the Kaggle* Competition finalists. Follow the process used by second-place winner Indrayana Rustandi to build a deep learning model to improve diagnostics for cervical cancer screening.

Customer Experience

CEMOSoft* Delivers Data-Driven Retail from the IoT Edge to the Cloud

Customer experience management is a top priority for retailers. Learn about this affordable, flexible, and scalable platform that brings ongoing customer insight that can be dynamically modified.

Vitruvian Game Wingsuit

Vitruvian Game Wingsuit—VR Automation

Take an in-depth look at the creation of this wingsuit flight simulator. Control the joystick with automation and simulate movement that turns the display into increased reality.


Vectorization: A Key Tool to Improve Performance on Modern Processors

Learn how to implement vectorization with a process that leverages Intel® hardware and software to transform existing code into modern, high-performance software.

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