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In Colorado? Join us at the Intel Concurrent Collections workshop (Sep 7)
Опубликовано Ryan Newton (Intel) Размещено 31.08.2011 0
Next week we're having the third annual Concurrent Collections (CnC) workshop:http://cnc11.hpcgarage.org/ If you're near Colorado State University, registration is only $25 and we'd be happy to see you there.
Announcing Intel Concurrent Collections for Haskell 0.1
Опубликовано Ryan Newton (Intel) Размещено 27.05.2010 9
Hello Parallel Programmers! Whether you're a functional programmer or not you've probably noticed an increasing number of FP-related concepts circulating in this Age of Parallelism: immutability, implicit parallelism, dataflow, and so on. These ideas seem to be getting around and in fact are aliv...