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The Best of Modern Code | August
Опубликовано Russ Beutler (Intel) Размещено 10.08.2018 0
Learn about security for automated driving platforms, the story of 5G, and how you can get free access to performance tools.
The Convergence of Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence
Опубликовано ABHILASHA B. (Intel) Размещено 10.08.2018 0
Cybersecurity threats have been with us since the dawn of the Internet. According to a 2015 article in The Washington Post, Robert Metcalfe, who would later found 3Com, warned the ARPANET Working Group in 1973 that it was far too easy to gain access to the network—he described intrusions that w...
​Top Ten Intel Software Developer Stories August
Опубликовано Karissa Pagliero (Intel) Размещено 10.08.2018 0
Read about the future of the museum experience, an unwrapping app, parallel performance and more this month.
-NEW- Intel® Graphics Driver for Windows® 10 64-bit [6th, 7th & 8th Generation]
Опубликовано Coppock, Michael J (Intel) Размещено 10.08.2018 0
DRIVER VERSION: (Windows Graphics Driver Version: DATE: August 9, 2018 World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth* launch driver: This driver has optimizations and playability improvements for World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth* Highlights for Developers: Vi...
Intel® Software Innovator Pedro Kayatt: Improving VR Image Quality with Fixed Foveated Rendering
Опубликовано админ Размещено 08.08.2018 0
Creating Software Solutions to Reduce Bottlenecks in the Virtual Reality Process By combining the compute power of Intel® NUC 8 with modifications to the source code in Unreal Engine*, Intel® Software Innovator Pedro Kayatt is designing an untethered VR experience that reduces GPU processing loa...
How Can AI Assist Humans in Space Exploration? NASA Astronauts Tell Us What They Think.
Опубликовано админ Размещено 07.08.2018 0
Part 1: Human Biology and Helpful Robots By MaryLiz Bender  From left to right: Nicole Stott, Tom Jones, Story Musgrave. Courtesy of NASA During my time as a User Experience professional, I learned to never make any assumptions. If you’re trying to solve a problem, go to the source — conduct...
Intel® AI DevCamp: Chicago
Опубликовано админ Размещено 07.08.2018 0
Connect Locally with Artificial Intelligence Developers Ready to dive in and take advantage of the best parts of Intel developer events – community engagement, networking, training and hands-on sessions? Join us for an  Intel® AI DevCamp for the opportunity to connect with others in your city. ...
CPU Manager, a Beta Feature in Kubernetes for Performance-Sensitive Applications
Опубликовано Balaji Subramaniam (Intel) Размещено 07.08.2018 0
CPU Manager is a beta feature in Kubernetes, enabling better placement of workloads in the Kubernetes node agent. If your workload faces CPU-intensive challenges, then CPU Manager can provide better performance isolation by allocating CPUs for exclusive-use. CPU Manager might help workloads wi...
Recap: Buzz Workshop for Game Devs Seattle 2018
Опубликовано (name withheld) Размещено 06.08.2018 0
(guest post and event recap by Jakub Kasztalski, Unbound Creations) The Lay of the Land The event spanned a full day, from breakfast to evening drinks on the house. The space was divided in two: big conference room, where the panels took place, and adjacent hall where all of us indie devs got...
A Kerberos-Based Big Data Security Solution
Опубликовано Jiajia Li (Intel) Размещено 06.08.2018 0
Alibaba improved its Cloud E-MapReduce (EMR) and Cloud HBase user identity information management, with lower maintenance costs, by using a new authentication framework developed by Intel. The Hadoop* Authentication Service (HAS) is a pluggable authentication framework designed to help organiza...