Enhance System Reliability & Performance

Verify that cluster components work together seamlessly for improved uptime, productivity, and lower total cost of ownership.

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Gain all the advantages of high-performance computing (HPC) clusters based on Intel® processors, whether you're an expert or new to HPC.

  • Run the tool to ensure your system is intact and configured to run a parallel application.
  • Pinpoint trouble spots and get detailed diagnostic information for improving cluster functionality and performance.
  • Resolve issues in minutes, reducing the need for specialized support skills.
  • Create custom tests for extensibility.

What’s New

  • A faster default test
  • Predefined in-depth test sets made for user- or admin-specific analysis
  • An enhanced summary output that lists brief facts on nodes and issues
  • Troubleshooting tests on prerequisites for the Intel® MPI Library
  • Ability to verify the uniformity of the BIOS and management firmware settings for the Intel® Server Boards through the System Configuration Utility (syscfg)
  • Support for the latest Intel® Xeon® Platinum 9200 processors
  • A (-t) option sets data age threshold
  • Bug fixes and improvements, and CVE updates

For a complete list of updates, see the release notes.

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License FAQ

System Requirements

  • Intel® Xeon® processor (Intel® 64 architecture)
  • 1 GB of RAM (recommended)
  • 160 MB of free hard disk space
Operating systems:
  • CentOS*
  • Red Hat* Enterprise Linux*
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server*
  • Ubuntu*
  • Intel MPI Library

For more details, see the release notes.