Introduction to Parallel Programming hands-on programming lab – Iterative Quicksort

This hands-on exercise lab, Iterative Quicksort, is a programming lab associated with the video lecture “Reducing Parallel Overhead” (Part 12) from the “Introduction to Parallel Programming” series. This problem seeks to parallelize an iterative implementation of the Quicksort algorithm. The lab contents include source files and written instructions to guide the programmer in converting the serial source code into an equivalent parallel version using OpenMP. Solution source files and a walk through solution video (in two parts) are provided to explain how the initial serial codes can be transformed into equivalent parallel source codes. An explanation of the serial source code and algorithm, some potential problems to be avoided and alternative approaches to implementing parallelism are discussed within the walk through video.

Solution videos running time: 19:35 (part 1), 16:40 (part 2)

There are downloads available under the Creative Commons License license. Скачать
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