Intel® C++ Compiler supports casting between various single-precision, double-precision, and integer vector types. These intrinsics do not convert values; they change one data type to another without changing the value.

The intrinsics for casting support do not have any corresponding Intel® Streaming SIMD Extensions 2 (Intel® SSE2) instructions. The syntax for the Casting Support intrinsics are as follows:

__m128 _mm_castpd_ps(__m128d in);

__m128i _mm_castpd_si128(__m128d in);

__m128d _mm_castps_pd(__m128 in);

__m128i _mm_castps_si128(__m128 in);

__m128 _mm_castsi128_ps(__m128i in);

__m128d _mm_castsi128_pd(__m128i in);

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