Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 18, June 2014

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  • Letter from the Editor, by James Reinders
    Speaking in Code
  • Graduate from MIT to GCC Mainline with Intel® Cilk™ Plus
    Intel® Cilk™ Plus provides a higher level of abstraction than other threading frameworks. This article explores its capabilities for expressing task and data parallelism.
  • Flow Graphs, Speculative Locks, and Task Arenas in Intel® Threading Building Blocks
    A look at Intel® TBB features, including the flow graph interface, speculative locks that take advantage of the Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel® TSX) technology, and user-managed task arenas that provide enhanced concurrency control and work isolation.
  • 20 Years of the MPI Standard: Now with a Common Application Binary Interface
    Examines MPI compatibility issues and resolution, as well as the potential of the upcoming common MPI Application Binary Interface (ABI).
  • Mastering Performance Challenges with the New MPI-3 Standard
    Find out how to measure the overlap of communication and computation, and how an MPI application can benefit from nonblocking collective communication.
  • An OpenMP* Timeline
    An infographic time-capsule of OpenMP*.
  • Leverage Your OpenCL™ Investment on Intel® Architectures
    Get more out of OpenCL™—from cross-device portability to the Intel® Xeon Phi™ coprocessor.

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