Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 2, March 2010

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  • Letter from the Editor: Think Parallel: Good Programming Starts with the Developer, by James Reinders
    James Reinders, lead evangelist and director of Intel® Software Development Products, addresses recent innovations in apps and tools, highlights key 2010 milestones, and explores what’s next in the new year and beyond.


  • Where Are My Threads? Intel® VTune™ Performance Analyzer and Finding Threading and Parallelism Issues, by Levent Akyil
    Do you ever wonder how your parallel workload is distributed or scheduled across the available cores/processors? Explore how Intel VTune Performance Analyzer helps make such analysis easy.


  • Advisor Origins, by Paul Petersen
    As you change your application to make it ready to introduce parallelism, your test suite can be your biggest asset. Intel® Parallel Advisor is designed to be your assistant as you analyze your existing sequential implementations.


  • Understanding the Features of Intel® Parallel Inspector by Example, by Bradley J. Werth
    Intel® Parallel Inspector eases the correctness burden on programmers. Explore how it helps maintain memory and thread integrity.


  • Thread Your C# Code with Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives, by Naveen GV
    The most important consideration is how to manage the calls between the managed .NET* application and the unmanaged Intel® IPP Library.


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