Parallel Universe Magazine - Issue 32, March 2018

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  • Letter from the Editor: Computer Vision Coming Soon to a Browser Near You by Henry A. Gabb
  • Computer Vision for the Masses by Sajjad Taheri, Alexeandru Nicolau, Alexeander Vedienbaum, Ningxin Hu, and Mohammad Reza Haghighat
    Bringing computer vision to the Open Web Platform*.
  • Up Your Game by Giselle Gomez
    How to optimize your game development―no matter what your role―using Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers.
  • Harp-DAAL for High-Performance Big Data Computing by Judy Qiu
    The key to simultaneously boosting productivity and performance.
  • Understanding the Instruction Pipeline by Alex Shinsel
    The key to adaptability in modern application programming,
  • Parallel CFD with the HiFUN* Solver on the Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor by Rama Kishan Malladi, S.V. Vinutha, and Austin Cherian
    Maximizing HPC platforms for fast numerical simulations.
  • Improving VASP* Materials Simulation Performance by Fedor Vasilev, Dmitry Sivkov, and Jeongnim Kim
    Using the latest Intel® Software Development Tools to make more efficient use of hardware.

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