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Developers Embrace Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory for Web-Scale Data-Centric Solutions

Опубликовано: 16 августа 2019 г.Автор: Rudoff, Andy M

Cloud and enterprise application developers can reap huge performance and capacity gains when using non-volatile persistent memory to manage massive datasets and still achieve near-DRAM speed. Launched with the 2nd...

Network Boot in a Zero-Trust Environment

Опубликовано: 6 августа 2019 г.Автор: Brian Richardson

Network boot is commonly used for everything from booting thin clients to using IT automation for bare-metal provisioning. Unfortunately, most network boot infrastructure is based on outdated standards encryption or authentication. This presents...

A Kerberos*-Based Big Data Security Solution

Опубликовано: 6 августа 2018 г., обновлено 25 июля 2019 г.Автор: Jiajia Li

The Hadoop* Authentication Service helped Alibaba* improve the quality, performance and TCO of its cloud user identity information management system.

Showcasing Innovations for Digital Transformation with VMware*

Опубликовано: 12 сентября 2018 г., обновлено 24 июля 2019 г.Автор: Victor L.

VMware and Intel showcase software-defined datacenter innovations for cloud and enterprise developers.

green man gaming window

Green Man Gaming* and Intel Help PC Game Developers Grow

Опубликовано: 13 сентября 2017 г., обновлено 16 июля 2019 г.Автор: Patrick Defreitas

We feature how Green Man Gaming works with the Intel® GameDev Program to help indie developers like you to Get Ready, Get Noticed, and Get Big.

GameDev Partners Get a BOOST with Intel

Intel partners with game devs to optimize development and to help reach new users. Read one expert's ideas on promoting your new games.