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Online Service Center FAQ

What is the Online Service Center?

The Online Service Center is a customer support website where customers may submit requests regarding various Intel products, including Intel® Software Development Products. Requests can include questions, problems, and other technical support issues. Customers can also monitor previously submitted issues.

Online Service Center

Who is eligible to receive support through the Online Service Center?

Customers with paid Intel® Software Development Products with current active support are eligible for priority support. You need to register your product on the Intel® Registration Center to receive priority support. We also encourage customers to visit our user forums for support with related issues, such as programming practices and discussions with other users.

Customers with free licenses such as student, educator, open-source contributor, or Intel® Performance Libraries do not qualify for priority support. You may seek technical support from Intel community user forums that are followed by expert users. Products with priority support may be purchased directly from the Intel® Web Store or from our resellers.

Getting started (registration, download, licensing, installation) questions only may be submitted to the Online Service Center, regardless whether you have active priority support or not.

Do I need to register all of my products in order to receive priority support?
Yes. Priority support is determined by a current support registration for the product for which your request is submitted.
How do I sign up for an account on the Online Service Center?
Registering your Intel® Software Development Product on the Intel® Registration Center will create a single sign-in account that you can use to access the Online Service Center as well as our developer forums.
I am unable to log into the Online Service Center. What should I do?
On the login page, there are links to help with a forgotten username, forgotten password, or other login issues.
How do I submit a request to the Online Service Center for support with Intel® Software Development Products?

For details on creating a support request, see How to Create a Support Request at the Online Service Center.

How do I find my existing requests?
On the main page of Online Service Center, when you are logged in, you will see a list of your current requests in the Support history section. You can view details for any request here, and send a post to technical support for any open request. Recently closed requests can be reopened for 15 days.
How do I get product updates?
Product updates are available through the Intel® Registration Center. See the Purchasing, Renewing, and Upgrading FAQ for more information.
What happens to my request if my support expires while my request is open?
Priority support is based on your support status at the time of request submission. If your request is not resolved by the time your support expires, you will still receive the same priority support. However, if a fix for a technical issue is implemented in a product version newer than your support expiration, you will need to renew support in order to use the newer version of the product.
How do other developers get support under a floating license?

A floating license allows more than one developer to use the product at the same time, and also allows more than one developer to qualify for priority support as a registered user of the floating license.

One restriction applies: all developers who want to register the floating serial number need to have an email address with the same domain as the license owner.

For more information, see How to add users to a floating license.

Once a user has been added to the floating serial number, that user will also get priority support for that product.

I need to attach a file to my request but it is larger than the Online Service Center limit. How do I send this file to support?
The Online Service Center does not currently provide a mechanism for customers to attach larger files. We can work with other options for providing larger files. You can upload your file to a cloud or other online service and provide the information to retrieve the file in your support request. If you need to ensure a direct connection to provide confidential files, please state this in your support request and the agent will work with you to determine the best solution for your case.

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